Hey, it’s my first official post using the Comicpress system!  Oh, and the first appearance of the grimble.

So I don’t have long here, as I will be off to NonCon very soon.  If you are in the Poughkeepsie area feel free to stop by!  I will be in the vendor’s room, and I have two panels I’ll be running (more on that in a moment), and I’m always looking to meet readers.  Plus, if you’re a student – not just a student at Vassar – registration is free!

I’ll be doing a workshop on self-publishing/writing on on Saturday from 5 to 6pm (in room 240), and I’ll be doing a panel on webcomics on Sunday at 1pm until whenever we finish (in room 204).  I’m looking forward to making a fool of myself at both of them!

All right, I have to eat breakfast and finish packing.  See you all next week (unless I see you this weekend).