JesterThis is Jester.  Jester became a part of our family in 2007 when we brought him home from a no-kill shelter in Seal Beach, CA.  He had been on the streets for an undetermined amount of time, but he seemed to be in pretty good health and had (and still has) an amazing personality.  We call him our “California kitty” because he’s so laid back.

Recently, Jester was diagnosed with kidney disease and hyperthyroidism.  The need for the hyperthyroid medication came on the heels of my hours being cut at my evening job, which equaled just about the amount needed for the medication per month (and it was certainly no help in paying off the debt accrued by the blood work bills).  We have yet to address the kidney disease, as getting his thyroid levels under control is the most pressing health concern, but further kidney screening will be required in the coming months.

To help pay for the veterinary bills and the medication, we’ve set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds.  As with all fundraisers that I do, there are rewards for helping out.  Please check out the page for further details on the situation and on what you’ll receive for helping. In addition to the rewards mentioned there, let me know that you’re a Bardsworth reader who is contributing and I’ll send you this month’s wallpaper as well.

Click here to go to the Indiegogo page.