Well, we managed two years in our current apartment before it was necessary, but we will be moving again at the end of June.  I will be trying to get a buffer of comics done so that are no (or at least few) interruptions in the story, and I’m confident I can do that.  However, moving is always such a pain in the butt.  And you can help us make it less so.

How?  By lightening our load!  We’re running a sale in the store on select items, including t-shirts and books, for 25% off.  In addition, I want to ditch a lot of my line art (you wouldn’t believe how annoying it is to move that stack of Bristol board).  I’m selling all my line art for the low, low (shipping included) price of $25 US / $30 Canada and Mexico / $35 everywhere else.  That’s practically giving away original artwork.  Now, I (stupidly) don’t have an inventory of what’s available, so I can’t guarantee I’ll have the strip you want, but send me an email (pete @ bardsworth  .com) with your desired strip and I’ll let you know if I have it.  If I do, I’ll send an invoice for the payment and you’ll be able to pay via PayPal or credit card (if you need other options, we can work something out).

So now only would you be lightening our load, you’d also be helping us pay for the moving costs (because we’re hiring movers this time; I’m done lifting boxes).