In regards to a recent strip, someone in the comments section asked who Annette is. For a reader of a long-running comic like Bardsworth, it can get pretty tough to remember characters who have popped up only a few times, or who hasn’t been in the story in a while. That’s where Comic Easel’s character tagging system is helpful!

When you click on the current strip’s title and are redirected to that strip’s page (rather than the home page), if you look below the title of said strip you will find a listing of characters that appear. When you click on a character’s name, a list of all the strips that character appears in will come up. Simple as that!


In other news, I will be playing with my character designs a bit as the new year progresses. I’m bored with my current character designs and I don’t feel that I’m pushing myself as an artist (although my backgrounds have gotten exponentially better). There shouldn’t be any jarring changes, as I’ll be trying to do things gradually, but you will probably notice some differences as time goes on. Feel free to leave (tactful) feedback in the comments sections.

Lastly, I will hopefully have a new wallpaper available soon for donors (as well as the donation button reinstated). I’m going to to strongly encourage any and all donors to support the comic in the coming months. Since my Kickstarter failed, I have to make up the income that I was counting on from that.