No Monday update this week, Bardsworth readers (I need to get a good name for my readers… any suggestions?). I fell so far behind on my updates last week that I wasn’t able to get a jump on this week’s. I’ve been trying to finish off work on the print version on my book Fantasy Noir, and this coming week I’ll be working overtime at my day job.  I’m pretty burnt out at this point, so I needed to take a step back from the comic for a bit.  I will definitely try to get Thursday’s up.

In the meantime, how about enjoying some wonderful fan art from a reader?  Recently I rebooted my deviantART page and was surprised – and flattered – to notice that someone had done up some fan art for Bardsworth.  I don’t get much fan art these days, so any time I see any I do a little happy dance.  So a big thank you goes out to 3fangs (Sara) for the awesome artwork!  Please enjoy!