I wanted to take a moment to talk about a couple of unrelated things, as I don’t take the time to blog as much for you folks as I probably should.  Maybe you don’t care.  I dunno.  I guess I’ll type it all out anyway.

1.)  Thanks for bearing with the length of this storyline.  I know it’s been a long one, especially with my going back to a once-a-week schedule, but I felt it was important to stress the, uh, stress of a human/elf relationship.  And I almost didn’t run the last three strips with Celestei (Mrs. Amethyst) because of how long the story was taking, but I felt that I needed to give her a voice in the matter, even if it was only a brief interaction with Mike.  Plus I wanted yet another excuse to fluster and embarrass Mike (I know, I’m cruel).  We will be moving forward finally, and although in the comic’s time it’s still winter break, we’ll be taking steps forward again.  And maybe have some fun.

2.)  Unrelated, but I wanted to point out that there are many ways to contact me via social networking.  This is prominent in my mind because a reader left a long (and very nice) comment on my last blog post when they could have just contacted me another way, but it was my fault for making it unclear as to how.  So, allow me to point out the social networking buttons to the top right of the comic.  I will probably be looking into a sidebar of links as well.  And I will list them below.  Please never hesitate to friend me, tweet at me, email me, or whatever.  I like feedback, I like hearing from people, and I like chatting.  Don’t think of me as a reclusive artist, please.

Ways to Contact Me: