I know it’s been a long while since I switched up the donor wallpaper, but I never like to miss a Halloween wallpaper.  And this year, since I’ve been on a Supernatural kick, I decided to have Mike and Kris dress up as the Winchesters.  So, apologies to those of you who don’t watch or really know Supernatural, but I still think it’s a pretty good wallpaper regardless!



So, as usual, if you’d like to show some monetary support, click on the “Support the Artist” button on the left and drop a few coins in the jar, so to speak.  Make sure you follow PayPal all the way through the process to get to the page with the wallpapers on it.

Now, I had fully planned on having two wallpapers, but unfortunately I haven’t had time to work on the second one.  I will have it done before Halloween, though, so if you donate between now and when I get the second wallpaper up, I will make sure that you get that second wallpaper.  I’m good like that.