For those of you who have subscribed to the Bardsworth Patreon during the month of December, here is the preview of the wallpaper you will be receiving on the 1st of January:


For those of you who haven’t subscribed to the Bardsworth Patreon yet, if you do so before December has passed us, you will receive the above wallpaper and a new one for each month that you remain a subscriber (plus extra rewards depending on your level of patronage).  If you decide to subscribe in January, you will have to wait until February for the next wallpaper (unless your patron level is $5 or more, in which case you have access to the wallpaper archive).

Please consider becoming a patron!  Every little bit helps out the comic, me, and my family!  And I PROMISE, in the new year I will have the Bardsworth store back up and running (I’ll have to, since I’ll have to put something special up for sale… more on that sooner than later).