I know, you’re probably getting tired of the all the Patreon posts, but honestly, I need to keep plugging this.  You’ll allow me that, right?  Right??

patreonlogoAs of the beginning of January, my Patreon subscriptions are at a total of $63 per month.  Not too shabby!  So thank you to all of you who have become patrons.  To all of you who haven’t yet, here’s a little incentive – for every $100 we hit, I will put out an extra strip on the following week.  That’ll go until the goal of $1000 per month is met, and then it becomes a permanent thing!  That’s right, two strips a week moving forward, even if it means killing myself with no sleep!

That’s a lofty goal to reach, though, so I’m staying humble.  Still, I know there are a lot of you out there reading.  If most of you just joined for $1 a month (that’s only $12 a year), we’d have a chance of getting seriously close to that goal.

And if you are unwilling to spend the money or if you can’t (and I understand both circumstances), please do me a favor and spread the word around.  Webcomics are even bigger and more popular now than they were in 2005 when I started.  I know that if you sent the Bardsworth URL around to people you know, somebody would get hooked on the comic, and that’s a potential subscriber right there!

I’ll have more to post about than Patreon in the new year, I promise!  Something about a book… or was that two books?  If I remember I’ll let you know.  😉