After many years and many posts talking about it, the paperback version of the first Bardsworth novel, Starting Over, is now available for preorder!  From now until Sunday, May 31st if you preorder the paperback version of Starting Over, you will receive a signed copy and a coupon code for a free ebook version through Smashwords!  I might even throw a little something extra into the envelope when I ship the book to you.  😉

For those of you waiting for the digital version of the book, that will be available by next week through Smashwords, Amazon, and Google Play.

Just click on the “Buy Now” Paypal button below and you’re on on your way!  (Note:  I have the shipping cost configured for just one book; if for some reason you wish to purchase multiple copies, I will contact you with a request for the extra cost of shipping.)



Preorders now closed