As you can see, the changes have already begun.  I’ve switched to non-comic landing page, something I probably should have done long ago.  There are quite a few reasons I’ve done this, but the most important is that any new people coming to the site will not be forced to see a comic in the midst of a story line, such as the current Francis-centric one.  Instead, you can click on the “Latest Update” button to the left and go right to the newest update.

Of course, this means I’ll have to regularly update this blog so that it’s not the same message for weeks on end.  Prepare for blathering!  And shameless plugging!  And… things…

Anyway.  The next big change will probably come in the actual comic.  I’ll be switching from using Photoshop CS5 for drawing and coloring to Clip Studio Paint (the download version of Manga Studio Pro).  CS5 has been good to me, but Clip Studio Paint is specifically designed for comic artists in mind.  So things might be a little bumpy as I weather the learning curve, but it’ll be a fun ride.

Also, if you have any comments/feedback/questions on anything that’s changing, let me know.  You know how to reach me.