Here’s the story behind this month’s wallpaper… Long ago, I did a Bardsworth calendar that sold poorly.  I did like a  few of the pages, however, so I held onto the files and turned a few of them into wallpapers.  Over the years, as my style evolved, I redid the October Halloween-themed page as a wallpaper.  I have one of the updated versions, but the last one (which was actually two wallpapers, as I did one of the girls and one of the guys) was lost in a hard drive crash.  I realized that it had been a while, though, so I did a new one for this October.  And it’s a leap beyond any of my older stuff.

So, those of you who are Patreon subscribers will get to download this in a few days, and the rest of you should consider becoming patrons so you can get cool stuff like this!