Hey folks.  I’m having trouble getting the live stream up and running.  I’m hoping it’ll be up fairly soon, but in the meantime if you want to chat, go to https://hangouts.google.com/ and search for “bardsworth @ gmail . com” (without the extra spaces, of course).  We can chat there while I get the YouTube/encoder issue sorted out.  Once that’s good to go, you can watch the live stream here – [redacted]

Hope it works out and I see you all there!

EDIT:  The live stream is time delayed, it’s the wrong resolution, and the audio is wonky, but you can watch it here [redacted]

EDIT EDIT:  Well, no one showed up to chat or ask questions, so I pulled the plug.  Guess this isn’t something you guys want, and that’s okay.  It was an experiment.  Maybe I’ll do a recorded Q&A in the future.