I posted about this in several other places, but forgot to put it in the most obvious one.  I wanted to give you all a quick wrap-up summary of the IndieGoGo campaign.  We managed to pull in $1,673 (technically $1,723 because a post campaign contribution came in a day later via PayPal), which, while not the goal of $3,000 I wanted to hit, is still a good number to work with to get some copies through a POD service.

There are quite a few people to thank:  Pat Jaderborg, Shawn Van Dusen, Alex Heberling, Galadriel Billington, Logan Arias, Rachel Melcher, Smash Johnson, Caleb Child, Jared Walske, Lisa McConnell (who practically owns Bardsworth now), Kez Howard, Michael Green, Ray, Yann Piquet, Danielle Thomas, and two anonymous backers.  Thank you so much folks, and thank you to those of you shared the link to the campaign.  I didn’t get any help from anyone I sent press releases to, so your help means a heck of a lot to me.

I will update you all when the book is available for purchase, and for those of you who contributed, you will get regular updates on the rewards starting next week (still recovering from this cold and I need some time to get my affairs in order).