Happy 2016 to you all! I don’t know about you, but the month of December was a crazy one for me. Things will be getting back to normal around here, though. In fact, they’ll be better than normal… if you’re a Patreon subscriber!

I overhauled my rewards and milestones for patrons of Bardsworth, and I think I have some pretty good incentives in place. Real quick, here are the reward tiers:

$1.00 and up: Wallpaper of the Month plus access to the Wallpaper Archive, which goes back a long way.

$5.00 and up: Access to the Patreon feed, which will include regular blog updates, progress sketches, sneak peeks at upcoming strips, exclusive artwork, and whatever else I can think of!

$10.00 and up: Access to “Rejected Updates” and a new comic. “Rejected Updates” are the updates that don’t make it to the main story line for pacing purposes (or other reasons). The new comic is an experiment (and as of yet unnamed), and it will focus on new characters at Bardsworth University.

$20.00 and up: Quarterly(ish) digital mini-collections of the comic that include extended commentaries, exclusive artwork, and other extras.

The revised milestones are as follows:

$100 per month: For every month that we are at $100 or more, I will put one extra strip.

$200 per month: For every month that we are at $200 or more, I will put two extra strips.

$300 per month: For every month that we are at $300 or more, I will put three extra strips.

$400 per month: I go back to updating twice weekly on a regular basis!

$1000 per month: I will drop everything else I’m doing and push out 3 updates a week!

So, if you aren’t a patron yet, you have every reason and more to become one in 2016!

Oh, and I do owe an extra update for (briefly) hitting the $100 milestone last month, so that will probably go up next Monday. Stay tuned for details on that.


In other news, I am awaiting the revised proof copy of the second Bardsworth collection. I don’t forsee any more spelling errors or printing mistakes, but I want to make as absolutely sure as I can. Contributors to the IndieGoGo campaign who scored digital versions of the book should be receiving them later this week.