Wow, I’ve got a lot to say, so let’s dive right in!  First off, No Such Con was great!  It was my first time at a convention in about four years, and it felt really awesome to be back into the thick of it.  The con is held at Vassar college and is a small one, but that didn’t stop the energy from being big.  It was nice to see some familiar faces as well as meet new people.  I ran two panels (one on webcomics and one on craft beer appreciation) and participated in a writer Q&A with three other wonderful people – Thomm Quackenbush, Erica Kudisch, and Adam Tilford, all of whom do different things, so check them out!  As for the con, I hope I can make it back again next year.

Oh, and you can listen to the Q&A panel on Thomm’s podcast (but it is NSFW, and has some adult language and themes, so you’ve been warned).

So, it’s hard to notice because I don’t actually number the updates anymore, but today’s update marks #900.  That’s a whole lot of updates!  And there’s still a whole lot more to go!  I would have hoped to have had more by now, but that’s the problem with doing the once-a-week updates.  In any case, it’s a pretty big milestone, and while it’s sure to be ignored in the webcomics community just like every other big milestone I’ve hit, at least you guys will celebrate with me.

You probably did notice, however, the different layout of today’s update.  Changing the layout is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now, and I think I’m finally taking the plunge.  I didn’t specifically do it for #900, it was just a happy coincidence.  The script didn’t lend itself to being easily drawn in the normal 4-panel fashion, so I decided to play with it.  Now, moving forward, each update might not always be that exact size and shape.  If it’s a shorter update or a longer one, I might do what is appropriate.  We’ll see.  This is a work in progress, so be sure to give me your feedback as we continue on!

And I think that’s all for now!  It should be enough.