I have a couple of website-related announcements to make, so listen up!

1.)  Moving forward, I have disabled comments on blog posts (like this one) and comic posts.  Now, this is in no way to punish anyone for anything.  The majority of you have been very civil and supportive, and I’ve valued your comments over the years.  However, there are a few reasons that I’m doing this, from the mere aesthetics of the site to trying to encourage readers to use social media more.  So I apologize if this upsets you, but please know that there are a bunch of other ways to communicate with me!  See all those buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the site?  Go nuts!  I have changed my mind on this.  Comments are back up, but I still want to encourage activity via social networking.

2.)  I have removed the last remaining Google Ads from my website.  I am making enough money via Patreon at this point that I can survive without the little bit of money I was making from Google.  So for that, you’re welcome.  I will be putting something there that is more Bardsworth-related in the future.

And that’s all for now!  There might be other little tweaks here and there, but nothing else major.