This is more or less a public service announcement to always, ALWAYS back up your computer, preferably in multiple places.

It’s also just me whining a little bit.

I had high hopes of getting the next Bardsworth collection out in early 2017 (even higher hopes of getting it done in time for No Such Convention in February). This is the batch of strips that moves into the era where I was saving things at a proper resolution for eventual printing. So theoretically, the book wouldn’t have taken me as long to do as the previous ones.

And then I went to look for said properly done files and… they’re gone. A chunk of about 50 strips is lost in the ether due to one of the handful of hard drive crashes I’ve suffered over the years.

So, as with the previous collections, I have to color this one in whole. Actually, it’s worse, because I have to RE-color a large portion of them. That’s just psychological torture. But, such is life, and the show must go on.

Long story short – new book will be out closer to late spring/early summer of 2017, and back your computers up frequently and in more than one place.