These are always the posts I dread putting out there, but the universe is working against me at the moment. This past weekend my laptop charger bit the dust and my battery ran dry, leaving me with a rather large paperweight that contains Bardsworth files that I can’t access. I’ve ordered a new charger (and battery), but in order to get 2-3 day shipping I would have had to sell one of my children. I do rather like my children, so I opted for standard shipping.

Long story short, this week’s page will not happen. I will immediately begin work on it as soon as my laptop is up and running again, and then I have to find time to get this month’s bonus update done as well. I guess I will just have the coffee pot wired into me via IV drip or something.

Anyway, I plan on having a more fun post for you to read in the next day or two. I attended No Such Con at Vassar College this past weekend for the third year, and I want to share my experiences and give shout-outs to the cool people I met. So stay tuned for that at least.

In the meantime, uh… I dunno, reread the archives? I’m sure there’s something you missed in there. I know I always find something.