This past week has proven to me that my goal of catching up to my backlog of updates is probably not achievable under my current circumstances.  I had every intention of putting out two pages, and instead I put out one very late one, due to a blizzard that lasted two days which kept me in a constant state of shoveling and looking after a kid who would have otherwise been in school (among a handful of other wonderful reasons).

So here’s the deal – I still owe one more bonus update that I missed, and I will try to get that out to you.  But moving forward, I’m just going to jump back on doing my normal updates and chalk the ones I missed up to a loss.  That way I don’t stress about it, and you get your regular updates back.

For my patrons, I am desperately going to get back on track with your rewards.  I got the wallpaper done and I’ll be moving on to other stuff for the other levels this week… provided the universe doesn’t throw me any more curve balls.

You guys are the most patient and understanding readers a webcomic artist could ask for, so thank you for your loyalty through all of this.  If I could bake cookies for you all, I would.