Crystal, a pink-haired elf, is sitting on a low brick wall. To her right is Mike, a human with blond hair and blue eyes, who is blushing and smiling. In the lower left corner of the wall is a crack with a pink flower blooming through it.  The text reads "In Bloom: Bardsworth University Book 2, by Peter Tarkulich"

The second Bardsworth novel is here and ready to be read! You can read the digital versions right away by purchasing them at Smashwords or Amazon. Or, if you have more patience, you can preorder a paperback copy here (preorders closed as of 11/7/21). Preorders will get you a signed copy of the book, and if I get at least 10 preorders all who preordered a copy will be invited to an exclusive “virtual book release party” with a Q&A session and a chapter reading by yours truly.

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