It’s been a loooong time since I did any sort of con report.  It’s because the cons I had been going to were starting to become the same things over and over.  But this past weekend was a pretty amazing one, and I want to share a few things.

First off, I was asked to attend to NonCon 12 at Vassar College.  It’s the second time I was ever asked to be a guest (the first being UBCon a couple of years ago), but the first time that someone was willing to pay to have me there.  I was blown away; I’m actually worth paying for?!  So, needless to say, there wasn’t much in the way of thinking about a decision.  I was there from the start.

The con itself was fairly small, just a college-run con in the midst of their student union, but it had one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever been in.  Everyone was friendly and happy, and actually interested in my stuff.  Normally I get the crowd that comes up to the table and laughs at the t-shirts or goes crazy over the squeaky cookies, but couldn’t care less about the webcomic.  But this crowd was definitely interested, and I think I sold more books at this con than at any other.  And I’m hoping some of the people who check out the comic will stick around!

I ran two panels, one on self-publishing and writing, and one on webcomics.  Both were small, just a handful of people in a meeting room, but I kind of liked that.  It made it a more intimate setting, and they were interested in what I had to say.  Hopefully they walked away with a little more than they came in with.

Last but certainly not least were the people I met.  I want to give big shout-outs to Maggie, who has been a Bardsworth reader since the beginning and who kept me company for a long time; Matt, who is the first official quidditch player I’ve ever met, a fellow brony, and an awesome guy; Mario, who attended both of my panels and who gave me a reason to stay later on Sunday than I meant to; Zach and the other con staff members who were super-helpful and friendly (a pleasant change from recent con experiences); and to anyone else who stopped by and chatted with me or attended my panels.  It really was a weekend full of awesome people and good vibes.

I would totally go back if I am asked again (nudge nudge, wink wink).  🙂