In the film industry when a movie languishes in the development stage (the stage before pre-production), it’s said to be “in development hell”.  That’s the way I feel about the second Bardsworth book at the moment.

When I did the first book, I made the decision to do it in color for a few reasons.  The first was that I didn’t save the original files at a high enough resolution to look good in black and white, so by coloring them it helped out a little bit.  The second was plain old marketing – I wanted to give an incentive to buy the book.  And I was going to do the same with the second one.

Unfortunately, because of my many time constraints now, coloring the older strips takes forever.  I’ve only got a handful done (and I lost several in my hard drive crash to boot), and this is over the course of several years.  So I pose this question to you, the Bardsworth readers and (hopefully) potential buyers of the books:

Would you be fine with a Bardsworth book printed in black and white That would be released earlier than one in color?  Or would you rather wait the extra year or so to see it in color?

Leave me your opinions in the comments section.  Thanks!