Hey folks.  Just wanted to say that there won’t be an update this week and I’m very sorry about that.  Katie and I have been working our butts off trying to prepare ourselves for the Maryland Faerie Festival, where we’ll be debuting a lot of new stuff under our Fairy Magik line.  Doing all of that while dealing with a one-year-old who doesn’t sleep has pretty much drained us of being able to do anything else, hence no comic update.  There WILL be one next week, as well as the opening of preorders for two new products, so stay tuned.

In the meantime – and I always hate mentioning this when there’s a missed update – there is a new donator wallpaper available, as seen below:

I haven’t had time to set up the link in the PayPal redirect, so for a limited time if you donate, you’ll get the URL to the April wallpaper and I’ll be sending you an email with the May wallpaper.  As always, donations are greatly appreciated and I’m always touched when people do it.

See you next week!