Anyone here a fan of Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs? Or just perfume oils in general? Now you can get two Bardsworth characters as scents! The first is “Mike“, which – as you might have suspected – smells of cookies. What kind of cookies? ALL THE COOKIES! You’ve got chocolate chip, gingersnap, and oatmeal in there. You will smell delicious.

The second is “Fawn“. Fawn is a complex scent, including whiffs of pink raspberry, tangerine zest, guava nectar, pikaki, blood orange, tart green apple, sweet pea, freesia, pink sugar, and a little bubbly effervescence. You’ll smell as good as a fairy!

Both can be purchased in the Bardsworth section of our Fairy Magik Etsy store. Bardsworth never smelled this amazing!

The perfume oils are provided by our good friend Rhi at The Misery/Love Co.!

(And, if the demand is high enough, we’ll have more characters available soon!)