As some of you may know, I do a lot of things outside of Bardsworth.  One of those things is writing.  In the past year I released two novellas of the urban fantasy genre (although I refer to them as “fantasy noir”).  They’re a bit different from my usual fare, and didn’t sit well with some of my established fan base.  However, as of today, I have released a full length novel that will probably resonate a little bit better with you folks.

Blood of the Mother is the first book in a planned series called The Godblood Chronicles.  I had been working on this novel for years and am excited that it’s available in ebook format, and soon to be available in paperback.

Here’s the official description:

Two centuries have passed since the Ulons had been banished from the face of the world for their crimes against their cousins, the Aiellans. Their existence had become myth, their atrocities nothing more than campfire tales. Now, a mysterious pair has emerged on a quest given to them by the All-Father to restore His children to their rightful place in the world.

But the once-beloved of Ulos has Her own plans.

Quentis, a young seminary student with a tenuous faith in his goddess, finds himself guided by Her hands into a journey of danger and of self-discovery. Accompanying him are a young woman with a love of things mechanical, a thief on the run from his own people, an assassin exiled from her home, and a bluebird.

If you’re interested in getting it for your favorite ebook reader (or even to read on your computer, as it’s available in several compatible formats), you can get it at Smashwords in multiple digital formats, or you can get it at Amazon for your Kindle (I’d prefer if you get it from Smashwords if you can, because they give me a bigger cut of the royalty).

And if you get it, read it, and like it, please give me a review! Word of mouth is the best way to sell!