I tend to forget that I have an actual blog built into this site now, and because of that forgetfulness I tend not to plug my other projects as much.  So I’m going to correct that.

Some of you know that Katie and I run a business called Fairy Magik.  We make and sell fairy artwork and fairy-themed crafts, as well as (new to this year) bath and body products.  A few months ago we decided to start doing big monthly updates at the start of each month.  The update for August included the addition of pendants with our artwork, as well as three new art prints (pin-ups inspired by characters from My Little Pony).  You can see it all at our Etsy store.

As with any Bardsworth-related merch that you by, anything that you purchase through Fairy Magik helps to support all of our projects – Fairy Magik, Bardsworth, and my books (and soon Katie’s as well).  So take a look and maybe you’ll see something you like – or something someone else you know might like.