A couple of things. First, if you’re interested in stocking up on some Bardsworth merchandise either for yourself or as gifts for the holidays, we’re having a sale on select items in the Fairy Magik store. We got some cool swag in there, so if you’ve never checked it out, now is the time!

Secondly, the two ladies in today’s comic (10/4/12) are cameos that I’ve had planned for a while. Sarah (pink hair) and Jenn (purple hair) are very dear friends of ours, and I always thought they’d fit in well with the Bardsworth world. They are kindred spirits – writers, artisans, entrepeneurs, and – most importantly – My Little Pony fans. And yes, they do have pink and purple hair respectively. Be sure to check out their website, The Fable Tribe, for some awesome goodies, and check out Sarah’s website for her writing.

By the way, they do actually have so much tea in their house that they could probably open a successful tea shop.