Strap yourself in for a long blog post. This is almost like one of my old “State of the Union” posts I used to do back in the day. Maybe I should start doing those again.

1.) On Wednesday (November 7), Bardsworth officially turned seven years old. Seven years. I remember when I first started doing it I would hear people say that most webcomics never made it past the first year, and if they did they’d begin to die out not too long after that. I’ve seen it happen (one of the reasons I stopped keeping a links page), and I’m glad to say that I am not one of those people. Bardsworth is still going strong, if a bit slowly, and will continue on until it’s finished. Probably sometime in the year 2048.

2.) We are pushing our inventory of cookie jewelry in the store, so if you’re looking for a kitschy holiday gift for someone, or if you just want some for yourself, go and check it out.

3.) I am a little behind on the gifts for the people who donated towards our California trip in September. Please be aware that I haven’t forgotten you; I’ve just been dealing with a maelstrom of things and intend to get back on track. I’m also behind in getting a new wallpaper up. I hope to have something up sometime next week.

4.) Some of you might be aware of this and others might not. Facebook has been screwing around with their algorithms in regards to pages. This means that if you “liked” the Bardsworth page, you are probably not seeing all of the posts that I make over there. In order to reach all of you, I’d have to shell out an insane amount of money. Keep it classy, Facebook. Anyway, in order to bypass this, feel free to friend my personal account on Facebook (please send a note saying you’re a Bardsworth reader, though). I have a bunch of Bardsworth readers with whom I friends already anyway. Please also consider following my Twitter feed, using the RSS feed here at the site, and/or following my Tumblr (I’m going to start posting updates and things there starting with this post). Let’s stick it to Facebook however we can.

And that’s all for now. Hope you’re enjoying the story line and I hope you enjoy the next one as well (I’m itching to start posting it).